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Shipping and Freshness Promise

We do our best in sending out the freshest flowers possible for your order and ship them overnight to allow for a minimum “out of vase” time span. Our bouquets are wrapped in a specially made floral hydrating sponge and plastic wrap that traps in the moisture that will remain on the bottom of the cut stems as they travel to ensure they are content. Flowers are living things and can sometimes be a little unpredictable. If for some reason your flowers arrive in an unhappy state (wilted, dried out, browning) we want to make this right by you.

Simply take a picture of the flowers on the day they arrive and email us the picture the same day. Then give us a call at 917-576-2894 and we will work on a way to fix the problem. Possibly, with a refund, new flowers shipped out or a gift certificate.

We may ask you to ship them back to us so we can check out the blooms and try to determine what happened while they were en route, but don’t worry, we will send you a prepaid shipping label.


Cranbury Fields