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We are a family run flower farm dedicated to providing you with the most amazing flowers and gift sets you’ve ever seen!

Not only do we grow incredible flowers but we are on a constant treasure hunt to find the most unique gift items to create our one of a kind gift collections.

Our goal is to create memorable floral gift sets that you absolutely can not wait to send to your loved ones.

At Cranbury Fields’ Flower Farm, we pride ourselves with giving you a beautiful gift giving alternative to the way traditional (and often times disappointing) flowers have been sent in the past . We have an amazing variety of seasonal flowers and decorative branches blooming on our flower farm and use these ingredients paired with premium flowers we carefully seek out from other growers to create the most gorgeous and memorable bouquets you’ve ever seen. We then add beautiful gifts such as artisanal teas, gourmet picnic baskets and gourmet chocolates to our sets and wrap them all in gorgeous silks, craft paper or taffetas for a stunning unpackaging experience for your loved ones.

Every artisanal bouquet we create is a one of a kind work of art. We use the freshest and most beautiful flowers we have available each day and take great pride in putting together our “wow factor” floral combinations.

Instead of giving you pages of “ho-hum” gift options, we’ve created a few select “Best of the Best” gift sets. Each of these sets is a home run. We offer each set for a limited time and then retire them to make room for new and exciting gift collections.

We also offer tons of useful gardening tips and tricks on our Cranbury Fields’ blog page on this website, our own Cranbury Fields’ Youtube Channel, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. Also feel free to subscribe to our newsletter for lots of free and useful gardening advice.

Choose one of our amazing gifts sets or bouquets and let us work our magic with the fresh blooms we’ve picked and artfully arranged. Then get ready for lots of “oohs and ahhhhhs” as friends swoon over your gorgeous Cranbury Fields’ artisanal bouquet and amazing gifts included in their beautifully decorated gift box. A true delight to unwrap.


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