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Hydrangea Fall Pruning

Hydrangea Fall Pruning

Helpful gardening and landscaping tips and tricks

Is it a good idea to prune back hydrangeas in early fall? Most often the answer is no. Unless they are blocking a structure like a dryer vent for example and can’t wait to be trimmed back it’s a good idea to wait until late winter or early spring to prune the varieties of hydrangea that do well with pruning . Keep in mind that some hydrangea (like the Nikko Blue Hydrangea) bloom on old wood. You are better off not pruning back hydrangeas that bloom on old wood since you risk pruning off the developing buds for next spring’s flowers.
Also keep in mind, that you do not have to prune back hydrangeas to get new flowers each year. I have many varieties here on the farm that I don’t prune that bloom on new wood and old wood. They still give me beautiful flowers each year without being pruned.
When in doubt. Leave them be.

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